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  • East coast lease areas

  • Industry accepted synthetic hurricane sets*

  • Extra-tropical storm hindcasts

  • Comprehensive model validations

  • Wind/wave/current/water level extremes

  • DNV certified results


       * with industry partner ARA

  • Offshore Extremal Assessments

  • Wave Climate Investigations

Our industry-proven wavefield analysis tools include a premier sea and swell partitioning technology with nearly 3 decades of development and testing by the offshore community. Coupled with our high-performance hindcast modeling technology allows us to help you with:

  • Site assessments

  • Wave climate descriptions

  • Extreme wave computations

  • Wave breaking studies

  • Engineering design (fit) parameters

  • Model  & instrument validations

  • Wave data management

  • Site-Specific Hazard/Risk Analyses

Our exclusive modeling suite includes innovative wave data assimilation algorithms for the most accurate assessments available. 

Site-specific analysis products include:

  • Long-term data-enhanced hindcasts 

  • Severe storm reconstructions

  • Wind, wave current and water level extremes

  • Wave breaking/surf heights 

  • Nearshore wave transformation

  • Coastal storm surge

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  • Sea and Swell Design Parameters


Our proven sea and swell separation algorithms have been used for decades to solve critical design problems around the globe.

  • Model/Measurement Performance Evaluations

Using our powerful sea and swell separation technology, our model and measurement validations are performed at the wave system level for a true representation of measurement, forecast or hindcast accuracy.

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