Basic ocean wavefield analysis package

Wavector is for scientists, engineers, technicians and students. Directly import wind and wave data from sensors, numerical models and internet archives. Visualize and export sea and swell time series, spectra and metocean parameters. Wavector provides a cost-effective solution for your wave analysis and visualization requirements.  Delivered as a stand-alone interactive desktop application, Wavector is ready to work for you!


  • Wave buoy, sonar and model data analyses

  • Custom data reports

  • Detailed site assessments

  • Sea and swell tracking

  • Metocean parameter generation

  • Wave climate studies



  • Convenient user interface to all features

  • Versatile data exploration and editing 

  • Industry accepted sea and swell analyses

  • Easily export data, plots and tables

  • Fully documented user’s guide

  • Supported on Windows® platforms


  • Load wind and wave data from a variety of sources:
    Sensors - Datawell, Axys, Nortek, Wavescan WaMoS, RTI, SeaWave, Falmouth, etc...
    Archives - NCEI, NDBC, CDIP, 

  • Data editing, interpolation and smoothing

  • Sea and swell partitioning

  • Metocean parameter export (CSV, EXCEL, Matlab)

  • Extensive plot library

Integrated Software Modules