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Our industry-proven ocean wavefield analysis software packages provide all the capabilities and features you need for a complete assessment of coastal and offshore wave conditions.  At the core is our premier sea and swell partitioning technology with nearly 3 decades of development and testing by the offshore community. Check out our list of features, including automatic data formatters for your favorite sensors, models and databases;  graphical data exploration, data editing and manipulation, wave system partitioning and tracking, spectral curve fitting and design parameter export, extremal analysis, climate trends, swell source estimation, data comparisons and robust wave model validations.

Our exclusive software packages are managed by industry partner RPS and include our premier sea and swell partitioning, a full suite of graphical display options, comprehensive data tables, and an intelligent export wizard that allows you to select the parameters you would like to export to your favorite data format (text, csv, Excel, Matlab, etc.). Whether you are a research scientist, engineer, numerical modeler, technician or wave data collector we have the software you need.  Contact us ...



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