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Fully automated ocean wavefield analysis package

AutoWaves brings our premier wave analysis technology to you in a fully automated software package. AutoWaves is ideal for real-time data collection and batch data analysis applications. Import wave spectral data from most popular measurement and model sources. Use our convenient graphical user interface to select from an extensive list of wave analyses, metocean parameters, graphical displays, and custom data tables. Our intelligent export wizard allows you to pick which plots and parameters to save to your favorite file formats.  All data processing occurs in the background. Delivered as a stand-alone application, AutoWaves is ready to manage your real-time applications!


  • Real-time observation stations

  • Advisory monitoring systems

  • Automated forecast analysis

  • Batch processing of large data sets



  •  Automated real-time analysis

  • Launched by system scheduler, external function call, or manual operation

  • Easy to set up and operate

  • Industry accepted sea and swell analyses

  • Export user-selected data, plots and tables

  • Fully documented user’s guide

  • Supported on Windows® platforms


  • Load wind and wave data from a variety of sources:
    Sensors - Datawell, Axys, Nortek, Wavescan WaMoS, RTI, SeaWave, Falmouth, etc...
    Archives - NCEI, NDBC, CDIP, NetCDF

  • Data editing, interpolation and smoothing

  • Sea and swell partitioning

  • Spectral /directional fitting (JONSWAP, Ochi-Hubble, Gaussian, etc.)

  • Metocean parameter export (CSV, EXCEL, Matlab)

  • Extensive plot library

floating weather station buoy on Lake Mi
Integrated Software Modules
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