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Custom Data-Driven Hindcasts
Skillful Drop-in Forecasts

Coastal and Offshore Forecasting Re-Invented


Bringing you Tomorrow's Waves Today...

WaveForce delivers custom wind and wave forecasts for your project site using our new data fusion / assimilation technology. Our unique modeling system will ingest available measurements to bring you the most accurate forecast available.  Our technology uses live data to make corrections to the individual sea and swell wave systems in the forecast.  This results is a highly accurate depiction of the evolving wave field.


Winds, waves and more...

We use the best wind fields on the planet produced by industry partner WeatherFlow, Inc.  Together we can provide you with High quality site-specific weather, wind and wave forecasts.  Furthermore we can deploy low-cost wave buoys in forecast domains as needed.  Also, you might want to ask about our ability to deliver ocean current forecasts as well...  


Modern computing techniques

Our novel approach employs real-time web-based data fusion, advanced machine learning algorithms, and state-of-the-art cloud computing to efficiently deliver the most accurate and complete depiction of ocean conditions in your region of interest.  Let us drop in a forecast for your site...


How accurate is our wave forecast? Following are typical results comparing our WaveForce forecast to NOAA WAVEWATCH III using National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) wave buoys to assess the performance of each modeling system.  The WaveForce model delivers a substantial short-term (6-12 h) forecast improvement over WAVEWATCH III at the same location.  These improvements are primarily realized in the higher wave events, which are critically important for the planning and conducting of offshore activities. WaveForce brings you tomorrow's waves today!

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