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  • RPS ASA Partnership

    RPS ASA and WaveForce have partnered to provide state-of-the-art ocean wave analysis software tools and services to the metocean community.

    Learn more here.

  • XWaves is Now a Stand Alone Product

    Our premier ocean wave analysis package is now delivered as a stand-alone software product, with no 3rd-party software requirements!  In fact our XWaves, AutoWaves and Wavector products have all received major upgrades. Learn more here.

  • Metocean Studies for ConocoPhillips

    WaveForce is providing ConocoPhillips with detailed metocean analyses in the Timor Sea.

    Learn more here.

  • Wave Forecasting for Offshore Wind

    WaveForce has directed the development and demonstration of a wave forecasting application for the Commonwealth of Virginia offshore wind lease region.  Learn more here.

  • Wave Analysis Tools for Falmouth Scientific

    WaveForce provides Falmouth Scientific customers with state-of-the-art wave analysis software for the ACM-WAVE-PLUS - Wave Height & Direction Meter.  Learn more here.

Consulting Services

Wavefield Solutions for the Metocean Community


WaveForce Technologies specializes in ocean wave analysis and modeling solutions for the metocean community.  Our custom software products provide convenient solutions for complex wave measurement and analysis requirements. WaveForce consulting services include metocean studies, wave modeling applications, and the development of custom web displays.

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